Click2Asia is proud to launch our newly redesigned affiliates program. We restructured our program to help YOU get the most out our partnership. Our goal is to make it as easy and effective as possible for you to earn extra income from your website.

*NEW* Key Features to note:

  • Higher Percentage of Commissions
  • Increased Customer Support

Recurring Payment Structure - With the recurring payout structure, you will earn money as long as the person maintains their premium membership. Build on each month's performance and earn the type of money you deserve.
Commission Percentage
No. of Premium Signups to Qualify*
*Fraudulent Signups will be deleted at Click2Asia's Discretion*
1 mo
3 mo
6 mo
12 mo
20% $5.00 $10.00 $18.00 $24.00
25% $6.25 $12.50 $22.50 $30.00
30% $7.50 $15.00 $27.00 $36.00

Sample Commissions
# of Premium Signups % Commission Income (Based on $24.99 Subscription)
10 20% $50/month
40 25% $250/month
100 30% $750/month

How should I sign up?
1. Sign Up by filling out the required fields. Click Here.
2. Once the application has been submitted, Click2Asia will review the application and notify the applicant if the application has been accepted.
3. Once accepted, Click2Asia will email applicant with personalized link for tracking purposes and further instructions.

How do I put banners or text links on my site?
1. Click here for our selection of banners you may use.
2. Place banners or text links on your site.
3 . Link each banner with Click2Asia provided link.
4 . You’re done. Now watch the money start to roll in.

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