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10 Best Things to do on a Click2asia Cruise!
by Joe

On September 19th 2003, Click2Asia was proud to host it's first ever amazing 3-night Baja Mexico cruise aboard Royal Caribbean's beautiful Monarch of the Seas. It was proudly, my first time on a cruise ship too! People came from all over the country to join this sold-out cruise as we had guests from New York to San Francisco and in between.

The best way to describe the Monarch of the Seas is to imagine being aboard a palace on the waters. The ship was full of luxury evident from the decadent brass-blazen rails to walls lined with modern art and nostalgic art pieces. It was a big ship but still cozy enough to feel at home. I was even more impressed with the courteousness of the staff as they warmly made us felt welcomed aboard. The staff was equally diverse as the guests, they represented several different cultures and nationality and spoke with charming foreign accents. However, there was nothing foreign about their demeanor, they were friendly, attentive, and always ready to please and pamper.

Between the ship's events and those put on by Click2Asia, we had a feature filled itinerary for those who traveled within our group. Events ranged from elegant dinners, evening shows, karaoke, open bars, night clubs, to bingo and slot machine competitions. And when we weren't at a Click2Asia or Royal Carribean event, we were busy being entertained by the endless amenities from spas and jacuzzis, on deck gymn and basketball court, a rock-climbing wall, or testing our luck out at a complete casino with table games and slot machines. My most favorite part of the whole trip was the amazing sunset view on the top deck of the mammoth ship.

Throughout the many events and activities, I made some really great friends. I came with little expectations and left with a wonderful experience and good memories to last. The best part is looking forward to the next cruise in February. I know I will see some familiar faces and look forward to meeting new people like you! In the meantime I assembled my Top 10 things I really enjoyed about the trip. I'm purposely saving some of the details to protect those who were fortunate enough to be there with me, and of course to leave some liberty for your imaginations.

Top 10 Best Things to Do On A Cruise

  1. Break out your shell, show and tell. The first thing I noticed on the ship was that people stuck to the people they dragged along with them. This is a cruise, you're trapped in paradise with some amazing people from different backgrounds, location, and experiences. It's only natural to be shy, but the way we partied on the last day made me wish we were closer from the get-go. People are here to have fun, just like you!

  2. Dont' be Shy, Give it a Try. Based on the same premises as the previous point, there are so many different activities on board the Monarch of the Seas that you should take advantage of every opportunity. While some people had reservations about the rock-climbing wall, tasting s-cargo and caviar - I found those who ventured a little out of the comfort zone found the trip more rewarding. Well, some people went well out of their comfort zone, anybody have those pictures from Papas and Beer (http://www.ensenada.papasandbeer.com/)

  3. Have some fun in the sun. There were several decks on the Monarch where you can lay out and bare some skin. Loosen up and grab a margarita, any place on the deck is the best one in the house. Not to mention the amazing expanse of the ocean view and, well, the view of the talents on the deck. If you feel a little more adventurous, jump in the pool or dip in the jacuzzi. If the buzz of your drink doesn't get you bubbling, then the jets certainly will.

  4. Meet the Click2Asia Staff and share a laugh. Did you get to meet us? I hope so, we certainly enjoyed meeting you. We love hearing about your opinions, how you found out about us, and your patronage is certainly appreciated.

  5. Snap photos, or let the crew take pictures for you. If you don't have a funny story to tell, you definitely need to have pictures to share. That way your lame buddies who flaked on the trip will have more respect for you when you show them what kind of amenities and assets they missed out. Sorry, we screened out the good ones here on Click2Asia for our PG audience. The crew is also very willing to lend a helping hand, not to mention the professional photographer who roamed around catching people in pose.

  6. Make some friends from far away places. As I indicated before, it is very likely that people came from all around the country. Here's your chance to befriend a person from another city, even state! Who knows, maybe you'll be visiting their hometown - wouldn't it be great to have someone show you around? Wouldn't it be better if you guys had something to look back from the cruise? A laugh, maybe a drink, and we'll leave the rest between you two.

  7. Manage your time, but try to relax. There's certainly a lot of things to do, and before you know it the end comes faster than you think. Make sure you do all the things you want to do, but don't be obsessive about it. It's ok to miss a few events to take some time out to pamper yourself.

  8. There are many places on the cruise where the costs has already been prepaid. For example, in our particular trip, the main meals were mostly all-you-can-eat. Don't be afraid to ask for extra helpings. Like the drinks? Have another! Like the prime rib and shrimp cocktails? Then, ask for two more. The crew is ready to oblige to any reasonable requests. Don't forget to loosen the buckle and go for a few laps around the deck in the morning though!

  9. Budget yourself, budge it appropriately too. Have a daily budget, it's easy to get lost with the debit card they provide. Holdon to those receipts so you can tally up how much you spent. But give yourself some money to explore options too, you don't get to go on a cruise every weekend no do you?

  10. Get people's contact info before you leave! On the last day of the cruise, I was very happy to see people exchanging contact information, emails, and Click2Asia usernames! I'm sorry to have missed some of the special people who left before giving me their contact information. (If you're reading this, send me your contact info!) You made new friends, now be sure to get their infos before you leave!

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