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Click2Asia Member's Cruise Adventure!
by Hayato

So, where do I begin? This cruise was by far the most intense and exciting vacation that I have ever encountered. It wasn't just because of the itineraries that were planned for us or the fact that we were aboard a beautiful cruise ship or even because it was my first cruise, but rather than the people, the staff, and all c2a members that made it so memorable. I think that's what makes a vacation a true vacation and just think, the mentality for all of us was that you could party all night and sleep in as late as you want. The thing to remember is that: what you make out of this trip is what you get out of it. And as for me, I got all that and more. C2A had members from all over the country, Philadelphia, Chicago, Toronto, the Bay Area, and Southern California. It was by far an awesome mix for a great bunch of cruisers.

For our cruise, we were aboard Royal Caribbean's luxurious Monarch of the Sea's. During the days at sea, the c2a staff members had great events planned for us; events that made our group so close, and the trip so fun. The boat was packed with a 3-story rock-climbing wall, 2 full featured nightclubs, a ton of bars, a mini shopping mall, Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, a Casino, a gym, and an awesome spa. This boat also had a theater stage, a track on the 7th deck, two awesome pools and Jacuzzis, a basketball court, and ping-pong tables. So let me be the first to tell you, this boat was packed, and there was never a time, when there was nothing to do. Even if you found yourself with nothing to do, just go up on deck, grab a beer, and start talking to people. You'll find that almost all the people on this boat were super friendly, and ready to party¡¦just like me! If I learned one thing on this cruise, it was to open up, and party like no other. I'm sure I'll have other cruisers backing me up on that one.

Well, anyway our first event was around 7pm, we all met in the famous Viking Crown Lounge for an open bar event. Yes I said OPEN BAR!! O yea! The c2a members started to check in, while each receiving a nametag with either a lock or a key. All the girls had locks, and all the guys had keys. The purpose of this first event was to get up, and meet all the c2a cruisers; a chance to open up, and meet everybody. The lock and key part of it was great because it forced us guys to go up to the girls and ask them, ¡°can I see if my key fits in your lock?¡± A great ice breaker to meet everyone on the ship. When the ship started to move we were all ready to party for 4 straight days. And I mean party hard! After the first event we all relaxed a little bit and got ready for our first meal in a restaurant called Claude's. The great thing about eating and dining on this ship is that everything is paid for, and you can eat as much as you want. Remember you're on vacation! After dinner, all of us stuck around to see all the crazy magic and table tricks that the wait staff had to offer. And if you ask me, they were crazy cool! Like balancing two forks on a toothpick while balanced on another toothpick in a crazy saltshaker. After dinner, we all went back to our rooms, some to the casino, to get ready for first actual night of getting down and dirty on the dance floor. The club was called ¡°The Circuit¡± and the first thing everybody did was listen to 70's music. Now if you're into disco, and into that kind of music then ¡®Rock on!' It was really cool because at the circuit we all were able to sit, and relax and get use to the rocky waters. Of course not knowing if it was alcohol or the boat. But honestly, what a great way to end the night with a group of awesome people, knowing that you will be partying with them the very next day and the day after that. It was a great start¡¦ but hey we aren't at PAPA's and BEER yet¡¦¡¦

My roommate and I got an early wake up call around 6am. Man I was so tired, but we got up and went to the gym. After our workout we went upstairs to the 14th floor for an awesome breakfast buffet at the famous Windjammer restaurant. Yum, all you can eat! During our meal, we watched as the captain guided the ship towards coast of Mexico. Once ported, we started to mingle up our groups to get off the ship, and start our excursion in Ensenada.

Let me tell you that all of us had Papa's and Beer in mind, because supposedly it was a party scene. Some other attractions in Ensenada was ATV-ing through the downtown area, tours to La Bufadora (the blowhole), fishing for 50 bucks for an hour, eating some fish tacos at the famous fish market, walking along downtown and buying some sombreros for yourself or maracas for the kids, or going on a water tour to taste all the different types of water. Just kidding. Downtown was crazy and full of different types of people. It was cool because the CARNIVAL cruise ship was also docked there. So if you can imagine, two huge cruise liners, one little town, one party bar (Papa's and Beer) and all different types of people¡¦it was CRAZY! The scheduled time for the party was 2pm, but our group decided to go around 1230, and see what was going on. Lucky for us, we found a table, and reserved it for all of our c2a members, and whoever else wanted to dance on it¡¦ I mean sit around it. The party began with margaritas, to single Corona's and then escalated to buckets of beer (6 in a bucket) then progressed to shots of the famous tequila. As everyone showed up, body shots were given, regular shots of tequila were passed around, A LOT of dancing going on, and some people were reenacting scenes from thos famous late night video ads. *wink wink*. It was really a great time and totally fun. Girls and Guys were getting tossed, 360 degree turns, fully clothed, almost clothed, dancing on tables, getting freaky and most of all just having a great time. It was so cool to see how close our c2a group got in a matter of hours. If you haven't already, check out the pictures from this cruise and you will see how much fun we all had. Later on that night, we had a formal dinner. Everyone on the ship got formally dressed up, and the ladies did look phenomenal. ALL of them did! We had dinner again at Claude's and ate escargot, shrimp cocktail, New York steaks, and ended it with some awesome deserts. Man, I can't say enough about all the food and the great service that we had on the ship. =) After dinner, we all got undressed, and changed back into our regular clothes, and went back to the casino, and went back to the clubs for another intense night of dancing, and partying. We all did pretty well and went to bed at about 5am.

Well now, we're at sea. We were anchored in between the mainland of California and Catalina Island. What made this day great was that the weather was superb and perfect. Nice and hot, which meant pool time and bathing suits! Some of us started to drink Pina Coladas, and Mai Tai's around 9:30am. Nothing better than starting off the day with a nice cold Mai Tai! A lot of us just went on the deck, and lay out in the sun! It was such a nice day. After lunch most of us went back to our cabins, and prepared for a the c2a 3-on-3 basketball tournament. The rest of the day was really laid back, and anything went on. Whatever you wanted to do, you did. After dinner, everyone went to either the adult scavenger hunt or the late night comedy show. I went to the comedy show, and the comedian was hilarious. Pretty neat too because some girl in the audience got pretty adventurous! The emotion of the night was really sad, because everyone knew that it was going to be the last time that we are all going to party together. So what did we do? We partied it up¡¦.hardcore! At the Circuit, everyone just hung out. There was a bar and a lounge with tons of chairs and sofa's. C2A dominated this part in the club, and it was a perfect setting. We all were able to exchange contact information so that we would still be able to keep in close touch with others from around the country. To be honest, it was a sad night, but we made the most of it. We were all so close that the weekend flew by. Times fly so fast when people have fun. Some of us hit the sack pretty early, while some partied all night! All in all, it was a great, fun, relaxing, and a lazy day!

This cruise was such an awesome experience for me. I met so many great people, that I still keep in contact with today. A lot of new friends were made, and I can honestly say that it was sad for me to say good-bye to all of them. If I were to give any advice to the upcoming cruisers, I would say be sure to open up the first night and meet EVERYONE. It seemed that we all became really close and more comfortable with each other the last day. Don't let that happen to you. Let everyone know who you are, and why you are there. Also, most important, what you put into this cruise is what you get out of it. I put in my all, and then some. And what did I get out of it? A total memorable experience with a ton of friends!! TRUST ME, it's going to be FUN!!

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